Prevent Bots running on blockchain for 5 day period

I would like the community and those implementing the rescue plan to consider preventing bots from operating on the blockchain for a set period after any refund money is released.

I interacted with a website and passed it my seed phrase thinking I was going to get help.

I’m hopeful that if a snapshot is used I have a chance at getting something back. I have no idea about API or bots so the scammer could potentially just immediately tx my relief out.

I hope the community can see this is likely to have effected others who would benefit.

Don’t even know if this is possible but quite frankly is my last hail mary at this stage.


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It’s not possible. There is no way to distinguish a bot from a human user (other than “guessing” from their past transaction behavior).

I support the spirit of this proposal to help victims of scams, though I’m not sure how it could be implemented. Perhaps a process for the victims to contact TFL/LFG and have them process their refund manually instead of automatically. Of course, the wallet the UST was transferred would be blacklisted and not included in any snapshot to prevent fraud/abuse.