Prioritise support to validators and delegators

Priortise your support base.

  1. Regain support from validators and delegators
  2. Community via long term holders
  3. Noobs via small wallet holders
  4. Developers
  5. Whales and institutions (they can take the hit)

Build back a strong support base - the community was the strongest thing about Terra.

Do’s proposal for redistribution is not going to work long term, many will leave and never come back. Protect those that have been loyal and working hard in the community.

Can always get new validators, next

Apparently the managers don’t know who the important people are, the people who used to be penniless and LUNA is dying, the people who are buying now are your dads, you have to get more people to buy, you have to first Resurrection, you LUNA is qualified to save the previous people! And you’re trying to drive away the people who are buying, you want to resurrect UST, that’s a result no one wants to see, you should know that if no more people buy, you’re gone forever


No one is new is going to become a validator if they feel they are not secure, protected or supported. Unless you give insane Apr which would tend be inflationary or unsustainable.

i’ll be one, next

If there is no validators to run a blockchain then there is no blockchain and no product to buy. I’m not talking about driving the value back up in the short term, if there is a terrible fix to the immediate problem then everyone is going to liquidate now one is going to stay. Big investors are not looking to buy in when there are projects that are much less riskier.

you’ll be one what?

I’m not sure how true this is but this exactly why validators need to take priority. We don’t want the same situation where small timers are bailing out the big banks.