Proof Of Burn as emergency solution!

New Terra token for the recent UST crash. A token get minted and distributed to users who burn UST.

A third token with a promised higher security revenue, and limited supply depending on how much UST burnt when UST price below 0.95$ could encourage higher burning rate no matter how low the burning revenue or even with a portion lose. This could be an efficient solution against the spread rate.

Three body tokenomics could be a temporary solution for the recent Terra crisis, which means minting Proof Of Burn token until UST price gets above 0.95$ or 0.97$, when it achieves that price, the token supply will be capped (no more minting) and who earned it (own it) will get special and high opportunities in airdrops. I expect all Terra projects will be happy to collaborate and join to airdrop their products over the next year. Terra survival is in the interest of all projects built on top of Terra Blockchain. Later, these tokens could get burned for redeeming airdrops through 2022-2023, and could be left as a unique assets in the ecosystem. Three Body Tokenomics could also be a continuous solution, so it can get mint when ever UST goes below certain price such as 0.95$ and the spread rate full. That means it is not capped but minting is linked to very limited conditions.


كفو ابوحميد نبيها تصعد

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Great idea ,fully supported

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Great idea

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