Proposal # 5108 : Implement the rule of no contradiction and negation

This proposal is about the possibility of having contradictory proposals that pass by voting, negating the already passed proposals. This way, we would avoid the actions of individuals and groups going against the already established goals of the community.

The main problem with a definition of contradiction and a negation is that sometimes what people consider contradictory is debatable. Too much debate is not a good thing since it may waste everyone’s time, require too much effort and energy, and be counter-productive.

Therefore, we should focus on these aspects instead:

  • The roadmap and milestones need to be well-defined
  • Any proposal that is made has to be technically feasible.
  • Any proposal that passed, is a part of a milestone, and is under execution cannot:
    • leave the proposal’s milestone half-done or abandoned
    • nullify the passed proposal
    • change the goal of the milestone

The only exception is a technical difficulty that blocks its completion and development, and which was not foreseen or was overlooked by the development teams.

This way, we would have a more streamlined and less controversial process.

Please comment, I will finance this proposal should people be interested in passing it.

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A small error, I meant to say:

Any proposal that passed, is NOT a part of a milestone, and is NOT under execution cannot: …

I cannot edit for some reason, also the #5108 will most likely be updated

I dont think it needs to be passed through governance even tgough i agree woth you that its a waste of time. Maybe this is something for TR to consider addressing on their discord. I agree these people asking for governance rules changes like minimum commision, max vote per validator, changes to the tax which was only recently passed are not helpful at all. Even more they add uncertainty, create discord and division.

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