[Proposal] A sneaky burn and price suppression tactic to regain excessive supply

Based on current price 0.0003 it would take 1.9B to buy the entire supply. Not a holders will sell now, but any coins bought to burn would have a doubling effect by removing them from the market cap equation, start OTC purchases secretly to buy it at the minimal dump prices that are currently happening and then burn them later to avoid a massive HODL waiting for the burn to happen. UST price is directly pegged to the price of Luna, if you can increase it exponentially anyone who held their UST will get its value back by selling into the new Luna pricing. This seems like the only way to save the network, and the network is the real value here.

The idea would be to not announce a burn as this will allow those trading this margin to keep dumping their coins for minimal profit, the second you announce a burn it will cause everyone to hold and wait to dump. This is why you use the OTC buy mechanism; don’t buy the whole order book but simply collect the coin from the exchanges as the price decreases in segments so not to disrupt the price immediately. Then use ghost sell orders of all bought coins to apply sell pressure to the pricing to suppress drastic price increases.

Once all of the buyback funds have been exhausted remove the coins from the exchanges to a burn address simultaneously to cause an exponential price increase in Luna with a much lower supply using minimal funds.


They should just announce to ask everyone to sell their tokens so they can buy back, whoever does not sell now should get rekt and just hold their tokens as a show off, as whoever holds billions or millions token should just hold or for show off

That would inflate the price and there would be no way to ensure all holders receive the message.

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There will be a problem here, the existing price of luna is low enough. Many people buy luna and do not participate in the transaction. They have large positions. The traders in the market today are speculators. Not a long-term holder of value. Over time, the amount will decrease. The effect of sneaking is diminishing marginal benefits. Because you will find that the orders are also drastically reduced. Even if it is implemented, the secret cannot be hidden. Once you are aware of your intentions, you will hold it.

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Seems keeping the coins that have been bought on the order books as sell orders that move before being bought would apply sell pressure to the traders and bots that are currently taking 4% and 5% profits over and over again to sell into your lower buy orders keeping the price suppressed, this is already a tactic that is employed by whales to stock up on retail coins.

Looking at the order books this may already be in play as I know they moved 2.5B in BTC to a few exchanges yesterday and there is a lot of ghost orders right now as well.

Whether it is being implemented secretly, we can draw a conclusion from the price changes and volume energy. If the plan is being implemented secretly, then the price and volume energy will be maintained at a relatively stable level without too much fluctuation. Time to draw conclusions. At least a drop in the volume from yesterday to today seems to be a market behavior. It is temporarily impossible to judge whether there is a ghost order, but it is a strange phenomenon for the price to hold at the position of 0.0003. Maybe it’s a weekend market issue?

Possible, but it seems a lot of sell orders are not reaching the bottom of the book before disappearing.