[Proposal] Aperture.finance users to be refunded with the rest of UST holders

Aperture.finance users should be included in a 40% pool of UST users and refunded alongside of the rest of UST holders

Aperture.finance protocol for delta neutral strategies on Mirror stopped any withdrawals due to lack of liquidity on the 11th of May, so users could not redeem any invested UST. Protocol remains unresponsive to withdrawals meaning users won’t be able to move UST to their wallets if and when “revival” proposal will be implemented.

On chain contracts from Aperture.finance should be taken into account and wallets in those contracts refunded as part of revival plan



Were the devs of aperture not doxxed? 100% agree, we must be refunded too.

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pazzesco se non veniamo rimborsati!!!

Devs finally broke silence on Twitter, working on solution to unlock Ust

But if we withdraw will we only receive 0.15 (UST Value) as my investment still shows $ value. I don’t know wether to withdraw when possible and take the loss or are we likely to be refunded UST as part of proposals? I would wait and keep accruing if we thought UST would be re pegged.

Whats your thoughts?

So the Aperture team proposal is released and it’s positive they’re doing something but asking for us to Inject more capital to then trade out at UST @0.15 to the $ isn’t the answer. We should be represented in proposals just like Anchor. Maybe I’m wrong but I see Aperture as the same as Anchor a stablecoin yield with very little risk. No one was liquidated because of the underlying asset volatility its the stablecoin which was never meant to move or present risk to us. I was in mBTC and if that went to $10k I would accept my liquidation. Can someone from Aperture please represent us in the proposals as native Terra UST holders?

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I agree that injecting more UST into a protocol to free existing one is not an ideal solution, but at least devs are working on something.
Also I think there are certain proposals like this one [Proposal] Tiered repayment: 1:1 USDC refund to all UST holders up to a certain cap per-wallet using LFG funds, favouring small wallets [TEMPORARY] where all UST holders, including LP and pools will be considered for some refund.
Also Lian Zhu from Aperture just mention on twitter in regard to refund proposals that “we will continue to watch the development, advocate for Aperture users and distribute tokens accordingly”
I thinks its also important for aperture users to remain vocal, so their interest is not forgotten here

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Are you withdrawing? If we withdraw and keep the UST I’m worried we won’t figure in the snapshot and will be seen as new buyers / speculators?

Well I took my funds out, its all on chain so its visible that it was locked in the smart contract prior to depeg.
LFG reserve is depleted anyway, looks like even if they will compensate anyone it will only be enough for really small fishies.
Now I have lots of worthless tokens that I hope will be exchanged for batch of another worthless tokens after the fork! sorry for the irony here

Appreciate your response I’m new to Aperture and Terra tbh so all guidance is welcomed

well I think majority will exit into UST now…liquidity is down by 25% already, meaning people are closing their positions.
You still can get 10cents for 1 UST so not completely worthless I guess, plus its crypto and you never know what crazy stuff can happen next

Yes and UST may still grow we don’t have to change it to USD do we I think that’s what I was feeling as used to withdrawing to stable coins and this isn’t stable. I would still rather accrue interest though if there’s no risk of IL