[Proposal] BURN and REMEDY fee with each LUNA transaction πŸ’Š [PART I]

Voting is halted and delegation is halted. We need to PIN this. No one is reading.

Anyone new to Terra Station since the halt can not vote. Even when the modal says success your vote will NOT register. All part of the fraud and deception here!


Thorchain on twitter reckons it would become unusable with fees can we all respond to him @hellothere posted a link to the tweet scroll up ppl


Can you explain more about PIN? What is it means?

It means OP has been putting specific information at the top of this thread. [Pinned].

nice to prepare the next rugpull. they will dump after 11months

Voting is halted and delegation is halted

I am sorry for more question to you? Why voting is halted?

I support this plan 100%

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I will include it in the description of the proposal.

Please, verify it yourself first. :grin:

I don’t have ledger with me. Can someone else confirm this is true?

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So this is the proposal that benefits late or last minute buyers the most? They walk away with millions of coin for almost free… And we long term holders who had 250-300 coins will be reedemed just that lol?? F… Off


F off to you! No one is preventing you from buying on the open market right now. And the people staked are selling their rewards to many new buyers, and that’s fraud.

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Who stopped you from averaging down? I held Luna before all this fiasco like many others and averaged down. By you’re logic, we’re more β€œcredible” and β€œloyal” than you are as we continued to believe in the project


I’m emailing diferent crypto news sites explaining the situation including a link to this proposal and to the fork poll. Some one help me?


Touche! That is what the courts and prosecutors will prove.


You can buy too…Still cheap…



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Joe Still we are trying to take support and taking their vote. (validators.)

Then we need CEO . A new CEO is needed now. I think I am the most suitable candidate. I am married, I have a child. I’m doing my doctorate. Thesis location is METAVERSE. I can best represent the Terra community anywhere. Support me :hugs:.