[Proposal] BURN and REMEDY fee with each LUNA transaction 💊 [PART I]

Then we need CEO . A new CEO is needed now. I think I am the most suitable candidate. I am married, I have a child. I’m doing my doctorate. Thesis location is METAVERSE. I can best represent the Terra community anywhere. Support me :hugs:.


:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: wonderful, fantastic

My friend, we are plebs. Most Devs and leadership see many of us just like that. You can read it here:

Read the arrogance and the condescending tone. Except they didn’t know the person they were talking to. :wink:


Thanks I am reading.

kwon must realize that 95% of the community is against the fork, it’s incredible … the community is super, all united



Also @HelloThere check out this post I made over in general. The concept is that higher burn tax rates would be 1) sustainable and 2) help out pre-depeg holders, which might be a good compromise to bring in some of the “fork crowd”.


Could ask CEXs to give portion of tx fee for fundraising to help those in need


Good for them. But we will do whatever it takes to not have this new coin listed on exchanges. They can buy their own_shitcoin themselves.

yeah f… to me as I believed in project probably much longer and earlier than you… who will still trust UST? many exchanges and protocols wont…

How can this plan be this popular ? it only advantage people that bought millions of luna for a penny

True lunatics who has been there want compensation with a new chain supply 100% owned by builder and early lunatics ( at least before depeg death spiral)

Here its full of people who bought at low price and dont have a clue what TeFi and Luna is
just hoping for a burn to pumpt their bag

arent you ashamed to invade a passionate community like this to make luna a safemoon like chain ?

Who is gonna use something with 3% fee ?

Lunas eco was the interoperability master with smooth and cheap tx, we will keep this spirit with the new chain and i hope late gambler will get no airdrop, look at what your doing

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Where the assets gone? Do Kwon said they sell their BTC to stabilize UST but if didn’t work well just burn that UST or LUNA bought at dump… Just a simple theory but he won’t… Think about this, Your baby is in sick , Does Do Kwon wants a new baby? Or he try to solve? He is migrating from old problem to create a new problem and what’s the solution for the old problem?
CZ also wants burn, but he also didn’t wants to tell where the BTC assets from LUNA Group gone?? Is this the correct way?? Is this a decentralized way??? In future If new LUNA will dump, then Do Kwon will introduce LUNA 2.0 ???
We People need to think wisely why binance delist LUNA? and UST and they suddenly relist them with cautions? Is this a game? Are they playing with us?
Then what’s the real meaning of Terra & LUNA ( Terra = EARTH & LUNA= MOON ), Now why are you naming NEW coin as LUNA??? And where is TERRA??? Will they balance with each other like our MOON and EARTH??
Only way is burning LUNA and UST from their reserves (bought in the dip who sold 80k BTC) or we the people need to burn LUNA ( Millions of LUNA buying in one second $20 worth = Lak of LUNA ) If each sacrifices $20 will supply decreases?? I don’t know the mathematics, also English and programming to execute burning mechanism from people…
If you like my idea please take necessary ways to burn my idea…
If LUNA gets back to its original stage, LUNA Will remain forever in history… but Do Kwon wants this

I still believe in project and always will… I just dont want UST anymore, as they failed badly and nobody will trust it anymore! But to average down when most of the news were about new fork ,new coins and these old coins being worthless?? this proposal will f… the price and stability much more than fork! We have plenty of pump and dump chasers who bought millions of coins when they were almost down on zero… we have a lot of calculated swing buyers now in system,that will hurt the short to mid term growth with their dumps…

Instead of insulting people, tell them what you know so they learn. Why does it bother you that people are rich? Lots of people are saying the same thing. Let people be rich.

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exactly…thats what Im saying too… newbies and swing traders will dump there millions of coins every time there is a pump…we long term lunatics will be left behind with doggie baggies

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Last time i checked trading was a way to make money and the sensible person would have averaged down because if this was the stock market you would be left with no help.

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@Taurus81 Exactly!!!

A peek into the future if [they] fork:

What are u not understanding in my answer ?
Tell me one raison to benefit the low price buyer instead of rekt lunatics that are here since 2019?

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I think this proposal seem to be the most acceptable by far now. But more validators need to vote. 14% is not passing.

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Not True! It benefits all Luna holders and will regain trust. I’m a long term holder too but DCA’d heavily to bring my average down to the current levels. That was my choice and the same choice is available to you and everyone else. Maybe you can take proactive measures? It will help all of us Luna Holders.