[Proposal] BURN and REMEDY fee with each LUNA transaction πŸ’Š [PART I]

The problem is that you are a romantic, but this is the wildest market in history, this is a battlefield dude…

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Okash, noone told you to buy at a price of 100 dollars. You must accept your heavy loses and look into new financial opportunities.

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He more than proved himself quite funny really

Hopefully they’re testing a burn solution.

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So i understand that this way . Thath people who will putting new money in Luna v2 will pay debits for old holders

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Agree whit @okash99 here

You were not going to help luna


You didnt know Luna mint mechanisme when ust depeg

Its your fault not to do your research

TFL did tried to repeg with 4B and it didint work dont tell me you wanted to help with your 100$ buy at 0.1

cmon you just wanted to make quick bucks

I dont think they are someone said earlier on you tube it had something to do with wrapped luna or a wormhole bridge

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Looks like I voted successfully!


Alright people stop fighting. I understand we share different opinions. I made this thread to find a solution that works for everyone (everyone benefits from this) and where everyone can have their own input. From what I know sm rewards all holders making it a β€œfat get fatter” tokenomics. We are talking here about burn only + potential remedy fee. The exact numbers won’t be 3% + 1% since that’s something that developers + economists need to discus in depth. Its not our role to do that, but developers and the team. Its not that easy. What we can do instead is find a solution/general idea that will make everyone face happy and unite this community as one. Since its broken into two parts as we speak.


He didint say he buyed at 100, if he is in since 2019 he got the 0.2 to 120$ ride while you were learning how a blockchain work lmao


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No shame this is the market, if you change the natural rules of the market you fail, you die. The market is based on trust, without trust TERRA will die because without fresh liquidity, and high trading volume in your hand you will have nothing.

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Β£100 dollar buys i think you need to have a look at some of the trades going through people have pumped Β£1000s in.

You say we dont know the Luna mint mechanisme but the people who do know it spun it into over drive and sat back and watched as it killed luna.

I think you should be taking this up with DO

Excuse me. Where are the current staking rewards being sold?

Im curious, are you involved in the terra community and trying to help the community or you just bought some low price luna and push for a burn ?

Oh and you did hide this with a remedy fee so early lunatics will be β€œβ€œhappy”” lol
it will just become a safemoon coin

I understand what you are saying but that is not how it works.
It sucks to see a community that had a cohesive and positive mindset get invaded by speculators.
But - they bought the same token you have legally with real currency. That is where this is now.
I can hate BTC and the community but still buy as much as I want…(Note: I don’t hate them).
So we have to figure out to get moving again. The speculators and investors bought at the riskiest time (when everyone else was selling) and have the right to the growth of the token. While I agree that may not seem fair, it is the truth.


wow you pumped 1000$ into a multi billions asset, great

Because, before we think of building another house, we repair the first. And there is especially certain urgency to do so, and the first emergency was to say: we fork.
It’s as if you create your company and you leave it because the business is bad.

Ok Okash.

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