[Proposal] Burning plan, even on local exchanges and restore plan

Excellent suggestion, you have my vote

Agree on the 0.1% burn rate per transaction, no one really care about 0.1% burn rate

Anything more than that will hurt or slow down the interest and liquidity


i guess thats the perfect rate, and should be applied as soon as possible until people lost hope and faith


Apparently the managers don’t know who the important people are, the people who used to be penniless and LUNA is dying, the people who are buying now are your dads, you have to get more people to buy, you have to first Resurrection, you LUNA is qualified to save the previous people! And you’re trying to drive away the people who are buying, you want to resurrect UST, that’s a result no one wants to see, you should know that if no more people buy, you’re gone forever,
Follow the advice of CZ, they are stronger than you, listen to the powerful


Please change your header and put [Proposal] in front of the title

Too many posts and too many noises now, most of them are stupid suggestions

Burning at 0.1% rate at each transaction is the only way to go, beside asking Do Kwan, Terra Team and GS390 to come out with money from their pockets to buy back and burn off


done mate


@Johnydeep Burning any LUNA supply is a good idea. Have all interest earned in USTs but all fees paid in LUNAs for burning. We would end up as other currencies but perhaps could be one of the better ways to recover.

There are deep concerns about the existing fundamental issues with the current tokenomics. You can read about them in the proposal linked below. LUNA burned as fees is a positive suggestion.

Thank you for your contributions. All ideas are welcomed.

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Do Kwon look at the daily volume on the markets, its insane, do you guys still think luna is done? No one will trade a fallen tokens like this, we have big community and its even increasing more now again. Do Kwon you have to hurry, get all your team and make decision, also you can contact top exchanges owners like CZ, and they actually tell you guys what to do in this case now to survive the project. Its not about money now, its all about reputation now, become a LEGEND or become Scammer


This stupid guy will develop new coins and he wants LUNA to disappear

Develop new coin = that will be the failure plan ever


Luna is probably one of the most famous cyrtos now, beside BTC, ETH, Doge & SHIB which were known long ago

Do the burn rate @ 0.1% per transaction, Luna and may be UST (need to relook into the system and logic, hard pegging wont work) will be back again soon


Well thought way to burn these coins…timing is crucial though…the faster they start burning the less it will cost them later.


yes thats correct mate, they should start already prepare and do something now! It will gain even more hype and tomorrow Volume will be at 20 billion usd for sure in 24hrs

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I am supporting this suggestion - Do the burn rate @ 0.1% per transaction

Let’s all push for it and make it happen soon

When people see hope and see a clear direction, the community will survive and expend, the cake will be bigger and everyone will be benefited

0.1% burn rate is nothing and totally can be ignored by traders


perfectly agree with your solution!

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I completely agree with this topic, Do Kwon must take action immediately.

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completely agree with you mate!


Good proposal!

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Good idea for help lunatics

Good idea!

Good, like it