[PROPOSAL] Create a 3rd token

A short proposal to try to save this ecosystem, absorb the inflated coins cap into a 3rd token while keeping everything as is

A fork (revival plan 2) will not help

I believe the only way to save this eco system is by fast draining of UST tokens from (currently) 11 billion to around 1-2 billion supply (instead of just abandoning it)

And for that the following is proposed

  1. Create a brand new token [for now lets call it LunaExclusive]
  2. The only way to mint LunaExclusive is by burning a large amount of luna, such that the theoretical max supply of the new token would not exceed 1-10 million tokens
  3. Holders of LunaExclusive will receive a set amount of UST over time
    • can be monthly / yearly
    • reward can be given instantly or upon burning of the token
    • can be capped to a certain amount of UST

Using current prices as of writing this, a conversion rate would be around
5~ million luna → 1 LunaExclusive

This would potentially move some of the market cap to different coin, which might be a bit harmful at start, but as things balances out this should not be an issue (given that Tera went from 30bil cap to less than 1bil) … ie this would only work because the current total market cap is low


  1. Conversion from USTLunaLunaExclusive will keep happening as long as its profitable to do so
  2. The total amount of coins will keep reducing until it reflect the current market cap / adoption
  3. Early adopters of the LunaExclusive will get rewarded over time as UST goes back to 1$
  4. As everything starts to balances out (ie: UST = 1$), price of Luna would start to go up making it very hard to mint more LunaExclusive

this might be a simple idea with alot of flaws, but I believe building upon it can be fruitful. Also I have not read the technical details for luna, so this might be impossible to implement.

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