[Proposal] create UST 2.0 and airdrop for USTC holders

Based on total existing LFG reserves of ~$115 million
Proposed creation of UST 2.0 at the LUNA 2.0 network with a total initial circulating supply of 100 million UST V2 collateralized by all of LFG’s reserve assets. (can sell all assets of LFG to convert into USD)

Step 1: create UST 2.0 at LUNA 2.0 network (initial circulating supply is 100 million UST 2.0 - collateralized by LFG assets)
Step 2: burn all excess USTC ( LFG’s USTC, crowdfunding… ) reduce the circulating supply of USTC to the lowest level.
Step 3: airdrop UST 2.0 to USTC holders, at the rate of 100 million UST 2.0 / total USTC supply * amount of USTC

UST 2.0 is stablecoin, will be backed by USD


That is not a good proposal, because that would help no one. Distributing 100 milliion to 10 billion is just 1 percent. Better make it tier based focusing on smaller wallet shown in the fatman proposal to make the majority whole.

If you give a whale 1 million but you could give instead 1000 people each 1000 USD.