[Proposal] DAO - The Slow Way for recovering

In order to give investors their money back the only solution can be a long term solution.
Money need to be earned again. There is not enough funds to solve this crises otherwise.
This proposal try to suggest a slow pace first-draft idea - A DAO which will be hold (almost) by all investors (Luna / UST). This DAO initially will invest the funds in major Luna projects (which will be build on a fork or a new chain) and in return will get a share from their future profits in the long run.

In order to recover the funds we investors need hope. We need to see and feel how we can go out from this situation not with less losses, but even with profits!
Trying to save what is left, with the same mechanism will create more of the same. We need a solution that people will find inspiring and will be happy to participate in - solution that is a win-win for everybody.

So this is the raw idea…
Obviously, it needs more brainstorming

I propose to build a DAO on a fork or a new chain (what ever will be decided)

All investors (Luna/UST/Attacker excluded) will get a new token distributed equally, that will be calculated from their holdings (The ratio and the point of snapshot will discussed later)

And this DAO will be backed by the funds that was left

The DAO will be called - DEPEG DAO or DDAO
And the token will be called - DEPED
(Marketing wise, the press would go crazy for this)

Here comes the good part…

Initially, The DAO will fund Luna projects for a share from future profits
The best scenario is to know before hand which are the projects that were selected to begin with so they can already be announced with the presentation of this plan

(Maybe those can be projects who were already successful and profitable before the attack, to lower the risk and the trust in this plan)

So this DAO is a real investment for the long-term, it is backed by projects that proofed to be successful beforehand.
And this way people can actually see a bright future for their losses and money - a simple financial plan

I know I would be happy for the opportunity to flip this around and find myself investing in a whole bunch of great projects that now I have share of them.

And it can also create demand for other investors to participate in this project and to raise more funds.

What do you think?
Can this work?