[Proposal] Equal Airdrop for Hodlers

a proposal for hodlers that can benefit only hodlers at that final moment. Take that final snapshot at the final moment.

Let us say the LUNA2 will start at $1, then

(1) those that bought pre attack will have multiplied by 100, assuming preattack happens around hundreds. So if you had 10 LUNA pre attack you will air dropped 10x100=1000.

(2) post attack should be a sum from which value the LUNA was bought. Example,
2.1 if bought LUNA @ $60, multiply by 10
2.2 if bought LUNA @ $1, get same amount
2.3 if bought LUNA @ $0.2, divide by 10
2.4 if bought LUNA @ $0.031 divide by 100
… Then sum all.

(3) UST hodlers at final moment will get same amount of LUNA2 airdropped.

This proposal did not consider those that sell.

this is communism?

I would rather go with this :stuck_out_tongue: