Proposal for simple and effective burn mechanism

NFTs are frequently backed by digital assets like coins and tokens. when you back an NFT certain requirements are followed to Burn and release tokens inside. It would be very easy to make an NFT that people can buy with classic LUNA and NFT can be traded for backed value in New LUNA.

This mechanism will result in burned classic Luna and help reduce the supply without developers needing to have funds to do the burn.

I propose an NFT collection that is bought and backed with LUNA,whenyou unlock the token from NFT by burning NFT for new LUNA, classic Luna is burned as soon as it backs NFT since the token cannot be removed without burning the NFT which happens when you trade it for New LUNA.
People who do not wish to take part in another blockchain of LUNA will not have to and still have a route to burn and gain by selling backed NFT on open market which would be bought by new participants. A holder of NFT could also keep it and trade for New Luna. Both sides get what they want and are not forced to join or not join New/classic LUNA chain.
This would be waty easier and effective than any of the proposals listed here and will reduce supply, add route of entry to new chain participants and old holders alike, the price of burning is almost nothing
and solves the biggest issues that we face and take the least time and effort to see resl results real quickly and cheaply.