Proposal for the relaunch of the TERRA/LUNA system

I am not an expert in the sector but I try to say my idea like everyone else. I believe that each of us today still owns LUNA in their portfolio purchased before and after the fall. I personally started buying when LUNA cost 31 USD, obviously losing everything. Today the current cost is around 0.00024 and I have decided to invest again hoping for a recovery that will at least repay me for the losses. My idea is: What if you move the decimal point of 3 stations directly to all those who bought LUNA after the total fall to 0.00000112, drastically reducing the number of LUNA in circulation? Eg. From 5,000,000 to 5,000. By doing so, the price should rise in the same way bringing the value of LUNA from 0.00024 to 0.24 or am I wrong? It is true there would be zero profits but the number of coins would drastically decrease so as to be able to restart the system as happened at the birth of LUNA which on binance was posted at opening at 0.5388 BUSD. How about? Is what I say totally wrong? I leave the word to you. Thanks for the attention.