[Proposal] Governance - Reduce the voting period

The time for taking action against the current issues through the governance is too long (7 days). The proposal is to reduce the voting period.

Issues can be solved faster.

Reduce the voting period from 7 days to 3 days.


It took 7 days also.
I suggest hard-fork with changed code.
And the code should be written by TFL.

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https://twitter.com/john_is_whale/status/1534315862215344128?s=21&t=3KYL3JS5h4YxtO_AswAAcg do just like the Orion money validator, I asked your community if you want them to vote yes on proposal 3568 to burn luna. What do you have to lose, you already have luna v2 let us try to save luna v1 everything we ask for. Terra Station