Proposal: Grant for Polar: Smart contract development framework

Proposer: coco-sha, Partner, Arufa Research.

This is a proposal on behalf of Arufa Research.


  • Polar is a development environment to compile, deploy, test, run smart contracts efficiently with an enhanced user friendly experience.
  • Compile your contracts and run them on a different networks.
  • Polar is trying to let the development on Terra network be projectized and simplify the testing, interacting with contracts.
  • Polar will make deploying and development on Terra network easier, will attract more developers who are comfortable with js environment.


  • Currently in order to develop smart contract or to build a DApp consisting of multiple smart contracts, a developer has to setup the contract repository and the environment manually(consisting of understanding and executing multiple commands) which consumes time and effort.
  • To interact with deployed contracts developer has to write multiple lines of code and understand schema to call any function.
  • Popular blockchains such as Ethereum, Polkadot have Truffle/Hardhat and Redspot respectively for the very same purposes and an addition of such framework to Terra Network would be quite a useful one.


  • A development tool to compile, deploy, test, run smart contracts efficiently with an enhanced user friendly experience.

Value capture for Terra Network ecosystem

The project would be a significant addition to the Terra network ecosystem as any new developer would have time and effort saved while developing smart contracts that it’d lead to more developers willing to develop DApps on top of Terra network.

Project Category

Development tools.

Milestone 1 (4 weeks)

  • Automatically discover the contract code existing in the specified directory of the project, support independent compilation between contracts.
  • User is able to project init Terra smart contract boilerplate code.
  • Contract compilation, user is able to compile contracts using polar compile.
  • Network configs and validation.

Milestone 2 (4 weeks)

  • Support running scripts using polar run.
  • Support deploying contracts to the corresponding network through configuration files and command line options.
  • Schema parsing and create js client to interact with contracts.
  • Support checkpoints storage for deployments.

Milestone 3 (4 weeks)

  • User is able to communicate / transact with smart contracts using REPL.
  • Provide several built-in different contract template boiler-plate templates.
  • User is able to import smart-contracts into test environment and execute tests.
  • Provide a basic contract testing framework based on Mocha Assert or Jest.
  • Add user docs and create docs website.


We intend to have 3 developers, at a total cost of $30k payable entirely in UST with 3 disbursements, each payment of $10k after completion of each milestone.

Address: terra1008u3g76wqqpnassnxwwp6nprtn0rw4fs2s5wd


Thanks for this well written proposal.

I enjoyed your comparison to the other tools in other ecosystems (such as Hardhat for Ethereum, and Redspot for Polkadot).

We would support the development of a new dev environment and believe 30k is a reasonable price to do so. If this proposal goes to voting, we would vote in favor.

Please update your link to Arufa Research so we may have a better understanding of your team.

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I have updated the link.