[Proposal] How to Win By Raising Capital


  1. Raise $2 billion VC (venture capital) funding
  2. Quietly buy LUNA now while market cap is low
  3. Burn most
  4. Easily repay VC’s as LUNA and UST prices increase
  5. Do the updates Do Kwon wants for security, better stablecoin etc, but on CURRENT chain with re-pegged UST
  6. Become a god, loved by the masses


  1. Help Do Kwon win. He’ll be loved, trusted, followed, and will still get to implement all the new, improved systems that he desires.
  2. Save community faith in Do Kwon’s leadership
  3. Save UST holders via re-peg
  4. Help LUNA holders
  5. Ensure the VC’s win (so they’ll lend the money)

What do you think of this? Should it be modified?