[Proposal] ICO to crowdfund investments and save Terra

The main aim is to raise investments from the public like any blockchain projects and be transparent about the investment decisions that will be taken to save Terra.

In order to save Terra, all UST trying to cash out must be soaked up.

I would suggest the following is the best course of action:

(1) Depending on amount raise, set a floor price = (capital raised / total market cap of remaining UST)

(2) Use all investment funds to buy at a floor price for UST, this is to ensure UST doesnt go to zero. Capital raise will never be depleted unless investment funds fully buys up all UST supply - in which case peg will recover and Terra will gradually normalize.

For investors to want to put money it, the funds must be liquid and structured in a product that is tradeable on open market.

This whole structure can be a derivative token that is a function of the underlying price of UST relative to floor price set, and amount of tokens successfully purchased at floor price. And any token can be redeemed or created, with consequent capital change resulting in further increasing/decreasing of floor price.

Please put it on another chain uncorrelated to Terra like Uniswap for Ethereum.