[Proposal] If a fork must happen

If a fork must happen or is going to happen. There is only one scenario that is fair.

Everyone except for wallets who initiated exploit gets 1:1 based on percent of total supply.

If I have 1% of total supply, I should get 1% of total supply post fork.

We also implement a temp. burn / tax that goes to a fund to repay UST holders.

10% of tokens to be distributed at launch with the rest being distributed over 2–4-year vesting.

If UST is to go then this is the only path that leads to everyone getting what is fair. People who bought higher than what it is now have every opportunity to purchase now while it is low.

If the next blockchain is to be “community” governed then this is the only path, in my opinion, that leads to everyone getting what they want. Newer investors can reap profits, and older investors can purchase now or wait for price to rise over time and sell their tokens later. This also takes care of UST holders.

We reject any sort of socialistic redistribution of wealth. Communism failed for a reason.

1:1 percent of total supply - instead of a reverse split that removes tokens.
Blocked exploit wallets - so these wallets can not be used for 51% attacks.
UST holders will be compensated instead of getting some measly 25% of total supply
If your dev’s aren’t staying without being paid some emergency fund, then let them leave. Bye.
Everyone will get proportional amount of tokens based on the total supply instead of 10% for newer buyers. Do Kwon’s current plan has people receiving 10% of 1 billion = 100 million tokens rubbish. We deserve our % of total supply. Not table scraps.

I think most people still didn’t understand that do Kwon is not trying to compensate anyone or being fair to anyone. except saving himself. Do you really believe that a person who showed multiple times to be narcissistic, cruel, arrogant, etc cares about people that lost money? please…


speaking of that, seems like not even an apology for his screw up since attack.

That’s not so. Check Twitter.

Amidst all these problems, the people who really started this demise are free. This coin was extremely vulnerable and both, the ones who caused this crash and the ones who started this project are off.