[Proposal] Last Snapshot

@dokwon @TerraBuilderAlliance

You should set a last snapshot for 10% allocation somewhere in the future. Possibly a month from now.
The focus should be on wallets and major exchanges. We really do not want to get them angry.

  1. Setting a future snapshot would create a hype around luna and possibly help us cross $30 bn market cap in a month
  2. This should set the precedent for future token value when swapped
  3. People will most likely hold during the first and second snapshot within the month therefore raising the value
    4.More would want to come in, thereby, Luna would start trending
  4. The major exchanges Binance and KuCoin would see this as a fair deal which in turn could get us listed quicker
  5. The trust would see more Market Makers and Liquidity providers coming in
  6. Remember, a lot of old holders have already lost a lot of money. They wont be able to provide stability to trading and prices. We need people with money to come in and trade
  7. If the token does not catch up at start, the value will keep on falling unless most people abandon ship

What I see is that most people are generally happy with the ecosystem but concerned about the price. This should allow price stabilization.

@staff please give it more thought and drive discussion around it

We build back better again :muscle: