[Proposal] Let's Just Let It Go

Honestly, we should just let it go. We played, we lost. Our money is not coming back. Do Kwon is probably going to get sued into hyperspace for running a Ponzi scheme, but it’s not going to bring back our money. Here’s why:

  1. The Terra/Luna brand is completely destroyed. It has been exposed as a Ponzi, and no one is going to ever invest into it. The dApps, the ecosystem? It doesn’t matter. No institutional investor will ever touch anything Luna related. At best, it’s a highly speculative shitcoin that degens will try to play with. And even so, it’s been delisted from the major exchanges, so…

  2. A fork/timetravel/distribution is not a solution. The second the chain goes back online, the same attack will trigger the same death spiral. Terra could only maintain parity was because of the Anchor protocol: People who would not sell, in exchange for a 20% APY. But who believes that now? Who seriously believes that they’ll earn a 20% APY from this failed project? The trust into the project is gone, so it will constantly depeg.

That’s all. Let’s just touch some grass, sue if we believe we can prevail in court, but we’re not getting our money back. We got scammed.


Shut up


They hated him for telling the truth.

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It’s funny to tell people who lost millions to go touch some grass.

Like this is a non-issue. I do agree though that this could be a loss cause.

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