[Proposal] Luna and Ecosystem

transition from the Burn system to the permaStaking community for stableCoin

The main advantages of my idea:

  • reduce the circulation of the currency lunc
  • increase the safety of the chain
  • peg for stableCoins

The main disadvantages are

  • that it is difficult to make and
  • it will take time to start giving results and
  • slow-start like the first coal-powered engines
  • at start low number of shadow validator

now » burn system
LUNC --burn–> stableCoin
stableCoin --burn–> LUNC

my idea » permaStaking community
LUNC --permaStaking–> stableCoin

permaStaking relies on shadow validator
Shadow validators :
- no self delegation ,
- uptime > 95.00% ,
- will be excluded from voting and
- will not have commissions (they will be recompensed in another way)
permaStaking LUNC
will be distributed equally among shadow validators

The permaStacking system has two functions:
- to create a stableCoin, must perma lock LUNC (CREATE_COIN)
- Perma lock staking LUNC (GIFT) :
2) SLOW MODE YES NFT [ “thanks for the donation” with the donated LUNC amount ]

rewards will be withdrawn every day and will be used for

1% to shadow validator (to receive their reward of the day x they will have to wait 28 days 
			because checks will be made if he has behaved well or badly. 
			if he has behaved badly he will be excluded for a period (28 days or more))

18.90%	auto-compound LUNC to GIFT (permaStaking) - fast mode
 0.10%	used to pay gas fees

40% will be used when over ⇡ Depeg stableCoin
	( stableCoins are used first and LUNCs last (LUNC --(CREATE_COIN)--> stableCoin) )
	this lidiquity can use many ways, for example:
		- accumulate other stableCoins in the bull market and in the bear market buy 
			LUNC to lock(GIFT) OR other coins				
		- buy other coins from different chains and participate in their safety, 
			it will be decided by the NFT owners generated by the donation (GIFT) of LUNC 
			(the numbers of LUNC donated will be counted)

40% will be used when down ⇣ Depeg stableCoin. Use LUNC to buy the depeg stablecoin : 
	((LUNC --buy--> DEPEG stableCoin) --burn--> LUNC ) -> LOCK(GIFT) - fast mode

if you like my idea you can create a proposal.