[Proposal] One Step Saving LUNA ECOS

As a lunatic, I believe in luna and the eco system.


Here is my proposal: [Proposal] one step save luna ecos [Lunatic ONLY bond]

  • Lunatic only bond. purchase 100mm luna and lock / stacking for next 3 or 10 years.

We do not suggest normal person to do so. Those addresses have stacked luna can join this contract.

  • purchase 100mm luna and lock for 3 years. the rewards is 1mm UST. Let’s see the true color of the lunatic.
    • if you have doubt about luna, please do not purchase any luna
    • if you have double about UST value , please do not stack in this program
    • actually, we are not welcome all people to join, because it is high risk high reward, only lunatic can join this. if you do not have stacked luna, you have no right to do so.

I purchased 100MM luna starting from $22.22. till $0.0000012, I do not want to sell them. I want a way to lock them all.

That’s it.