[Proposal] Staking for the supporters who bought Luna between the attack and halt

It was the panic sellers who caused the fall in prices, not the buyers. Luna is now experiencing its darkest hours in history and the community is on the verge of a total breakdown, so every support, regardless of old or new, is desperately needed. If you blame the buyers then you obviously have a problem. In order to reward those who still decided to buy Luna on the way down (i.e. marginal buyers), these buyers should be offered a chance to prove their loyalty : Luna 2.0 will be issued to them, on the condition that the token will be automatically staked and will only be unlocked after a certain period of time, could be months or years, discussion needed.

This will make sure that the marginal buyers are rewarded for their support during the hardest times and are not left behind after the hard fork, while preventing them to dump the millions of luna 2.0 which would be issued to them for the same amount of Luna that they acquired at a cheap price in the past 72 hours. This is probably the most reasonable solution one can come up with.

Call it a loyalty test.


most crash participants were on the frontlines trying to re-peg UST

they cannot be neglected and must be made whole

i say this as someone who has been involved with terra for months