[Proposal] Terra Reconciliation Plan

It’s all gone to hell, I get it, but I assume there’s still some of the LFG collateral still remaining — and it should be dispersed intelligently to the Lunatics.


  • Take a snapshot of wallets just prior to the depegging
  • Divvy up the remaining assets and collateral of TFL & LFG & Do’s personal accounts (the billions in BTC and AVAX and whatever else is in there)
  • Prorate it among the wallets based on UST & LUNA balances at snapshot
  • Airdrop a reconciliation NFT to the qualifying wallets that can be redeemed for the matching % of the bundle of assets
  • Users can choose to claim and cash out, or hodl or trade them on the DEX’s or NFT exchanges
  • [Bonus idea] Make it a lockdrop or something timebound, where you only get a % if you claim early but if you wait months or even a year then you get 100% of your cut.

While all this is going on, the responsible must not get on the lambo.

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