[Proposal] Tiered repayment: 1:1 USDC refund to all UST holders up to a certain cap per-wallet using LFG funds, favouring small wallets

is there anyone who knows where to vote?

Hello, I am an Iranian Kurd. The Iranian government discriminates against us a lot and has never benefited us, so I saved all my property in Luna, close to 2500 sec.In an Iranian exchange and a few days ago, I took a collection of tokens 17300 is my whole life wasted car and save 3 kids We are now in a rented house without any support Let’s not fail :pray::pray::pray:

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Sorry for your loss. LFG funds are almost non existing, so you will get from them not even 50k as said here, but maybe $5k. Thats reality, it sucks

Ok I sent back my UST to terra station. I hope it is not late. It doesn’t make sense if I’m not being refunded just because I held on binance instead Terra Wallet.
The transactions are visibile on the chain.
Furthermore, I think that the UST holders should be gratified more than the others because they have lost more with a coin that it would soppose to be stable so without any intention of gaining and speculation with this.

Terra/Luna owes its success to UST/aUST and any compensation or fork etc. should reflect that with a premium to UST/aUST holders. Any residual value Terra/Luna has now is on the backs of UST/aUST holders. Furthermore any fork should be viewed as a loan from UST/aUST holders as its value is being transferred and will be the main reason for propelling any future value. Remember most holders of UST/aUST were to avoid risk and to force UST/aUST holders into risk should be fraught with a premium as any fork will almost nearly end with loss and UST/aUST holders will never be made whole. If UST/aUST holders do not garner a premium than the only viable would be the proposal of a tiered 1:1 USDC refund to all UST/aUST holders.


I really like this proposal.

What can we do to get an official answer from TFL?

So we would retain the ust as we’re not selling it for new token and it’s airdropped?

This would be great. I think this would build trust within the community.

I’m fairly new to crypto and having put money into the “stable coin” it definitely sucked to basically lose it all.

Right now this story pushes out a lot of people that are potentially interested in coming into the space, if we change the story it could turn this bad publicity into good and more adoption.

It’s still on

And I think this will get more exposure once the South Korean parliament starts questioning Do Kwon because they’re specifically interested in TerraUSD’s crash.


This is from reddit but it looks like the BTC could still be there:

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I agree!!! We need to do this… Why is Terra so bad at making decisions and FatMan is choosing the right path. Please make this happen… Make the UST investors whole again… They were suppose to be safe, LUNA coin itself is suppose to be way riskier. If I got even .30 to the dollar I would be much happier right now then losing all of my life savings.

I can sympathize with the sentiment but the most well thought out proposal so far would be [Proposal] Terra v2.2: A Fair 11-point Confidence Restoration Plan for the Terra Enterprise - #32 by Warrenn_Enslin

We need this this first. NOT A FORK!


Applying this proposal seems impossible. We have developers, validators and Luna holders against. See how the voting goes. We are alone in the desert.

I think taking snapshot on May 7 for aUST is not a good idea. Maybe taking snapshot when say 20% liquidity was removed from Anchor, or a UST price fell to 80c or something. Numbers could be altered but in short, the snapshot should be later to exclude people who sold close to $1 price.

The proposal has merit in its sentiment but I still maintain that the following proposal is far better thought out [Proposal] Terra v2.2: A Fair 11-point Confidence Restoration Plan for the Terra Enterprise

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Ok, very good proposal too.