Proposal To Save Luna and UST holders


This proposal should help to create buy and stake pressure on Luna, stemming vicious cycle of UST burns and changing the narrative around Luna being valueless and thus potentially stimulating a new cycle of price increase.


To preserve the Luna stakers value above 0. We are the most loyal to the ecosystem vs UST mercenaries who were gone regardless when Anchor incentives expired. The core community has massive amounts of staked Luna which were hyperinflated to near 0 value while they could only watch helplessly. These should be the core focus to be made whole and rewarded. As exchanges delist everything anyways, there’s no use trying to recover the peg.


My proposal is simple. Place all the remaining BTC into a pool for Luna stakers. Give a derivative of the staked BTC, LBTC for staking rewards which can be redeemed against the BTC pool.

Open a pool for LBTC/Luna.
Open LBTC/ Luna trading.

This will incentivise the lockup of Luna and provide it a usecase/holding/staking incentive despite which exchanges delist. If nobody plays the game besides current holders/stakers then they are at least made more whole by virtue of staking Luna for BTC.