[PROPOSAL] To Save Luna within One Day, Everyone Benefits, and Far Surpass $120

Please here me out. It’s a very simple solution without much effort put into it: Just insert Buy and Sell taxes. A percentage of the taxes go into the burn wallet. I own a poopcoin and everyday we always burn at least 1 quintillion coins from the combined taxes. My poopcoin has a 8% buy tax and a 10% sell tax, and 50% of all buy and sell taxes are deleted from the supply. There’s only 6.5 Trillion Luna, so it may only take less than 10 hours depending on the taxes you insert to get the quantity back down to 350 Million and even drop below that! With these taxes, new holders will burn the supply and you will catch up to the previous supply that will completely help the original holders, and if you keep those taxes, you can even surpass Bitcoin! Take a gameplan from a poopcoin and save everyone in one day!

Just an idea from a Digimon : )

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I have a better idea then all this complicated crap. How about: terra Luna or some insvestor buys 1 billion worth now. Keep 100M and burn the other 900. That will pump the price to 50 Cents. Others will jump in and make it worth 1 Dollar again organically. Their 1B initial investment will be worth 10 Billion! They can hold buy one more billion in increments of 100 M make a support on the price so it won’t drop bellow 60cents. The new buyers will hold the price until it’s traded normally around 1 dollar. Investors losing can be compensate with the profits in coins, and they will be encouraged to repurchase the coin at a lower price. New investors will naturally hold, and just like Forex, the pressure will hold the price to float between 90 cents and 1.10 dollars. World, you are welcome! :sunglasses:

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Yours would have too many variables. The buy and sell tax burn here would help the original buyers and reduce supply to the original amount and beyond!

I have most better ideai redenomination plan according to current holder when supply increase 6.5 trillion

This is the definition of a pump and dhump, is it not? The buyer cant be expected to hold at the theoretical high so everyone can sell out from under him (or her).
The tax idea makes sense to me, but the problem is its unattractive to new buyers who dont fully understand and if the existing buyers already dumped for huge profit or lost their shirts, theyre not likely to fund a resurgence.
What needs to happen is a series of splits and burns on both tokens so everyone takes a hit equally and a lowering of the peg to 25 cents US with dates to acheive 50 cents and $1 again. If the tokens arent performing on thise dates, mandatory and automatic splits and burns to get it back on track.
Im thinking 3 for 1 split on UST, keep one at 25 cents and burn 2. This will get the market cap back down to something believable and sustainable.
This version 2 nonsense is building a house of cards on top of a still burning house of cards, and 2 years down the road there will be no tokens issued, its just a rouse to get the same junk with a new name hyped up so the gullable hand over their money and count the days until their big payoff.
It is completely beyond me how there has never been a pre determined path to follow in the event that UST doesnt peg. This making it up as we go, and voting on proposals that suit the people who put themselves in the spot of being responsible to the community is a farce.

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