Proposal to terminate any real or perceived LUNC chain leadership by Terra Rebels

Terra Rebels have proven themselves to be malicious actors in the sense that they uniquely represent their own financial interest with no regard for the Luna Classic community. Their goals are increasingly at odds with the Luna Classic Community. Terra Rebels no longer represent a rebellion for or against anything, Terra Rebels are the establishment wishing to centralize all aspects of LUNC in their hands to serve their financial gain, irrespective of community needs or the long term survival of Luna Classic. Terra Rebels are unfit to represent Luna Classic in any leadership capacity.

The goal of the proposal is to send a signal to Terra Rebels as well as the wider community making it clear that while the Luna Classic Community may choose to engage Terra Rebels for specific development jobs, Terra Rebels are not a leadership team of the Luna Classic chain. They are paid developers and we may choose to pay others.

Terra Rebels quite openly plan to subjugate the decentralised Luna Classic Community as far as that exists and wish to replace it with their own centralised power structure. They wish to undermine and supercede current governance by introducing a Terra Rebel controlled Council with the right to simply veto any community decisions taken

Terra Rebels have blatently lied to the community, taken our money and delivered nothing of the promised elements for the money. They deceived the community into giving them funding for no result other than fattening up TR members. And the plan is to take much more $$ from this community, Terra Rebels has repeatedly used actors not revealing themselves to be associated with Terra Rebels to initiate proposals trying to grab a majority share of the infamous multi signatory wallet. Many good people have left Terra Rebels in disgust unable to consolidate their moral values with Terra Rebel plans.

Going forward what we can expect from Terra Rebels leadership is more of the same on steroids. Instead of any actual development we will see initiatives to fill the Community Pool at any cost followed by draining the same pool to fill Terra Rebels coffers. Terra Rebels could not care less if Luna Classic goes down the drain or would miss out on upgrading to be part of the larger cosmos environment. Their thinking is one of grab the cash and leave the community to deal with the fall out of their non performance. Terra Rebels neither have the technical nor leadership capacity to add to a positive future of Luna Classic.

This proposal is to say NO THANK YOU Terra Rebels, you are not our representative nor elected leadership team, you have no claim to the Luna Classic chain and you will start treating this community with respect and accountability.

This proposal is to be a clear signal that not only has Terra Rebel no longer any claim to a leadership position regarding the LUNC chain but it needs to start with the basics. Before any further funding for any undertaking whatsoever by Terra Rebels is to flow - the prior funding provided needs to be fully and transparently aquitted.

For future funding to flow Terra Rebels would need to:

  • report transparently about the application of all funding received
  • report against deliverables funded
  • declare the scope of responsiblity they take for Luna Classic

Please express your interest or disinterest in this proposal below

  • Should this proposal go ahead for voting?
  • Yes
  • No

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What about the recent senate/council medium article proposed by DJTrev and supported by Zaradar? It calls for an elected council making decisions and even overriding the communities vote (veto power). That is quite worrying. Also the push from Zaradar and others to merge LUNC with LUNA relegating LUNC as a diminished coin being pared to LUNA? Some concerning developments lately. I would have thought they would be focusing on L1 work as the community contracted, not preparing what seems like a chain takeover of LUNC…


Every idea towards establishing leadership is perceived as gov. attack … meanwhile, the community keeps making bad decisions after bad decision (voluntary burns hijacking, TR RS fiasco)… it gets frustrating sometimes

@wagnerdalcin Filtering out con artists is not gov. If you really think so, live in the middle of Harlem without police protection. All anonymous proponents who do not identify themselves should be rejected in the future. All current L1 developers have exposed their real names and careers. They are different from crook TR.

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I heard about the news of someone trying to get Senate on board.

They have no rights to dictate the Lunc community. They are paid to work that is all.

Just a reminder that our community paid $150k just for lip service and 0 work done.

We should not be intimidated or bullied again.


I could not agree more. Terra Rebel has gone rogue and needs to be reigned in. Power to the LUNC community! No to the Terra Classic Leadership Senate (TCLS) and the intended power grab. We need to stop them while we have the abilty to do so.


Gonna be a yes for me. I realized this months ago, glad people are finally catching up.

Thanks to TR, but please go out from LUNC community!


No to any kind of leadership.
There is a gov system in place you either vote yes,no,abstain and deal with the outcome.
If you dont stake you dont have a say in this blockchain.

yes,no,abstain remenber that next time you vote in a proposal

soooo when is this coming up on a vote? i cant wait to vote yes.