[Proposal] Voting for new Luna president + government team

We need a system for voting new president + his team

Without a leader + team, every single proposals will not be executed

Hi guys,

It’s time for politics…

Since we don’t have a government + dev team, every proposals will not be implemented… we need a new leadership first, before doing anything else… for now I’m not even sure whether 1.2% tax proposal is executing or not, or we just vote for fun… personally, I’m against 1.2% tax proposal, but if it’s the will of people, then it must be executed somehow

My proposal is that we design a politic-like system for voting new president + his team (may be like US president run)…

There will be candidates who want to become president, will present himself + his plan, there will be AMA, there will be vote day for president run… there will be vote for developer position…

Since i’m not good at politics, can any of you guys suggest a good system / protocol / process for voting new president + build our Whitehouse + make Luna great again :wink: ?