[Proposal] X-to-1 Strategy

The end result of this proposal is to stabilize the currency and decrease the hyperinflation that occurred.

Who am I? I am an outside party that has seen the craziness of what has occurred over the past few days. I have no stake in Luna or UST, so this is strictly a way forward for this community that seems to have been left in the dark by the LFG. I just watch things occur.

You can reverse the inflation by writing a trade-in into the blockchain.

  1. Write a contract that allows trading in X-to-1 with X being the agreed-upon amount of LUNA and 1 being an interest token locked for an inverse amount of time, thus if you agree on a 1,000,000-1 swap, 1,000,000 LUNA for one LUNAI (luna interest or whatever you want to call it).

  2. You can set the standard inverse time limit to 1 week/month/year/etc… This means that the more LUNA a user trades in, the less time they need to hold.

  3. The kicker here is that the LUNAI token can only be redeemed for UST.

  4. The trade-in tokens go into a dead wallet, maybe you can sell them as an NFT for keepsakes when this all blows over.

This community “burn” will essentially raise the price of UST, while also ensuring the “trade-in-ers” don’t run at first chance.


valuable input, +vote

I like this, it probably couldn’t hurt. Nice idea.

We need all hands on deck to solve this

Side note: I recommend asking “https://twitter.com/stablechen” to head this up. I do not know him and have never talked to him, but he seems like the only person who is openly communicating with everyone. Just my 2 cents.