Proposals 1164 Adjust the basepool capacity and 1188 Burn the UST leftovers in the community pool have PASSED. If implemented these will further DILUTE LUNA supply to infinity. Will they be implemented?

Yea it sounds like absurd. None of these makes sense because the chain is already diluted and since TFG is bankrupt and they are moving on to their next chain it already makes no sense for them to launch or implement any proposals whatsoever on the Classic chain.

Yet I am asking, what if these are implemented?

Terra swap is taken offline by validator consensus, is this correct?

Should we be afraid that if these are eventually implemented then when they bring back Terra swap it will start burning remaining UST with even higher speed sending LUNA straight to 0.0000001.

It seems very dangerous to have any orders open.

Can the community address this? Will these two proposals be implemented? And what happens next when swap is back online?

Someone needs to talk to Do Kon

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Fork will be implemented for now, we don’t know about their plans with LUNA classic. I doubt any other proposals that pass would be given any importance, based on how everything is happening so far.