Proposition modification of votes (edited)

Like most of people i’am :
• Against manipulations.*
• Against unfair votes of whales compared to one individuality.
• Against amendement after people already votes massivley.

=> I propose a new change of votes comptabilisation.

• For important decision and/or for all decisions cause it’s life people who are engaged now not only for a whales proposition compensation .
=====> 1 VOTE FOR 1 PEOPLE (checked by IP or WALLET or both and captcha protection on multibot vote and at least 1$ LUNA + 1$ UST
(this symbolic value of 1$ could be changed by us the community)

◘ And not with a massive weight of coins (like an only one massive wallet that could be suspicious in is amounts and his activitites and don’t really represents people choice.)

=> THAT WILL REPRESENT US at least more and the feeling of the whole community decisionn I think. If you like please someone propose the vote on Terra :slight_smile: and or like this post
◘ For justice.◘

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