Propuestas luna


  1. You should respect people’s proposal.

  2. Return 100% money to those who had UST taking into account those with low capital since this is a stablecoin

  3. Give priority to people who had a moon as staking etc. and those not selling giving the same amount in a new project calculating the same value of the price in USDC, BUSD

  4. Those who bought luna and UST to support the project before the closing date of 05/12/2022 should give a token with the same investment value in USDC, BUSD in token.

  5. You should always give priority to low capital investors as it is difficult for them to recover. Those who ask to burn are aware that they only want to speculate, let those who really went get their money back. let’s try to give an example to the world, with CRYPTOCURRENCIES. We would all be benefited and the world of CRYPTOCURRENCY with new investors for there would be probable and greater union and responsibility

of it to: do kwon

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People who bought during 8Th to 12Th May are suffering the most.

Your proposal seems to cover that.

My idea was distribute according to the circulations.

Like who bought and held on 8TH May when the supply was at 450M he should get according to that, and whoever is buying now should get according to current circulations!

That’s fair for everyone.

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