Protocol Yield Directed to Charity?

Almost all upcoming Terra protocols have committed to directing some % of yield/earnings to Angel Protocol as the charitable arm of Anchor Protocol. I believe this to be a win/win/win: Protocols win by raising their profile as charitable in nature, charities win by receiving additional funds, and Terra wins by making a name as the only blockchain that codes charity into it’s law.

I see this as a similarly powerful precedent as airdropping to Luna stakers. Now that the precedent has been set, it leads to a positive feedback loop where all new protocols are incentivized to airdrop. Given the community momentum behind Angel Protocol, I believe we have a unique opportunity at this moment in time to create a similar precedent with charitable giving.

I’d like to submit separate governance proposals for Luna, Mirror, and Anchor proposing protocol-appropriate methods to redirect small % of funds to Angel Protocol charities. I’ll wait till Angel Protocol actually launches, but wanted to start with seeking community feedback on the proposals (and if people agree with the concept, any details of how you’d prefer to see this work).


Bit sad no one has responded to this. I saw your video on twitter and starting telling a fellow crypto friend on what the Terra ecosystem was cooking up here and I agree wholeheartedly that this should happen.

It kinda reminds me of a lot of major Ethereum DeFi projects outdoing each other to donate more to gitcoin. I think Yearn and Badger contributed more than the actual Ethereum foundation which goes to show how powerful successful protocols can become - and clearly mirror and anchor are killing it.

I’m not sure how much the other new protocols ate looking to contribute but I’d assume something similar would be appropriate and hopefully voted in.

Looking forward to giving a bit back myself.



Didn’t realise there was another aspect to the Terra world in here.



Love the idea, and so many in the Luna ecosystem are drawn here to create value for the world, before personal profits. The momentum is huge here, and it’s a way to bring the narrative away from the nonsense and FUD they speak about on mainstream media.

If we had a simple dashboard/ui where users can create individual profiles, maybe get incentivized with some exclusive NFT to help strengthen the community (maybe #NFT angel fish pets that when minted each have their own unique coloring and stripe pattern lol?) something to build that social/community side of it.

Then when we’re in there, i think we should be able to set our contribution rate, which can be changed anytime. Then, each individual can setup their own basket of charities and set the allocation to each; and the allocation to immediate/perpetual giving.

I also like the idea of allowing individual contributors to perform work that the charities need done. So lets say a Angel Charity needs some content creation for an event, or some legal guidance, or a CRM. They post the job, the work is 100% volunteer but then individuals earn something of long term value, and at the same time all the work they do is written to their digital profile, becoming a CV of sorts that both shows off their skill, and then other public companies, block chains, private companies, small biz, etc can contact them to get work done, so the individual also benefits LT from doing a ST project.

Maybe tie it in with Terra World and we create a new Fiverr, but it’s a Fiverr filled with Angels. And in my experience, the ones that care enough about other people are the ones that do the best work.

So that’s a little off topic, but I’m all about the win, win, win; and here we can add an additional win for the individual. And when I build I like to think a few steps down the line as to how we can repurpose what we are currently doing, with one progressive step after the other.

It seems logical that this can progress to an individual freelancer database.