Providing flexible Unstaking options : { 0 days} , { 7 days} and { 21 days}

I don’t understand.

14% are staked which is good. It’s still growing.

500k is about $45 is it really worth staking anyways?

Why do you say “do you know the reason only 14% is staked”?

I agree but we have to make the top 30%
For example inmediate unstake 30%
7 days 20%
14 days 10%
21 days free

It make that the users can have a better options to stake and unstake if they nwed his money faat

The staking rules should stay the same. As lunc continues its recovery, the staking % will continue to increase. Reward those that commit to the chain with a high APR. People don’t want to wait 21 days, then don’t stake. Change is primarily driven, by those that want to sell when lunc hits their target price not what’s best for the chain. If people don’t want to lock their lunc then don’t. An alternative option could be new staking options of 7 and 14 days again both options are fixed with reduced rewards.


But when you say something, do you at least think about what the implementation of what you say means?
so you have been staking for 1 year and you have to pay 10%
and me staking lunc today and unstaking tomorrow I pay 10% of practically nothing
(and I’m hoping you’re talking about 10% of the rewards, because if you’re talking about the bag + rewards then it’s absurd regardless.)
just ask yourself the questions:

  • why do we do it?
    increase the stake percentage.
  • What do we want to gain?
    presumably the percentage will increase and otherwise the burns deriving from the anticipated unstake will compensate for the lowering of the bet (at least in part)
  • is it worth it to us, net of the cons?
    we make the necessary projections, simulations, put down two numbers and evaluate.
  • Has anything changed from the current situation?
    could change. major stake and major burns or minor stake and major burns.
    the transaction fee will rise to 0.5%, I think an immediate unstake of 1.5% can be accepted as well or if we want to be tougher than 3-5%.
    those who want to unstake, people who believed in the project will do it whether it is 21 days or instantaneous if this option does not exist.
    We need to think about what kind of users will hypothetically adopt the proposed tax. The higher you raise the percentage, the more those who don’t stake to have their coins available certainly don’t have an incentive to stake them now. If the % is contained, they could accept the compromise, and emotional people (who if there weren’t the tax maybe would still unstake) now have the possibility to burn part of their bag + any rewards accrued for making an early unstake.
    If we think in percentage terms, it is better to think about the purse + any accrued rewards, therefore about the entire amount on which you unstake.
    otherwise it is better to think about the equivalent of x days of reward, rounding off this value. or if you need to apply a %, it’s best to apply it here. (e.g. x% of x(days) staking rewards)
    I want to give an example to make sure I explained myself well:
    -I use round numbers for ease of calculation-
    1,000,000 lunc staked
    20% annual reward = 200,000 lunc (actually part of the staking is in ustc but the meaning is clear)
    200,000/365=547.945 Mon per day
  1. FEE equal to the equivalent of x days of stake
    example: x=21 days of staking rewards=547.945*21=11506.845
    the user will pay a 11506.845 fee to unstake now, regardless of the number of days of his stake.
  2. FEE equal to the equivalent of y% of x days stake
    example: y%=50 ; x=21
    x=21 days of staking rewards=547.945*21=11506.845
    11506.845 *y=11506.845 *50%=5753.4225
    the user will pay a fee of 5753.4225 to unstake now, regardless of the number of days of his stake.
  3. FEE equal to the % of the bag + any accrued rewards.
    assuming the user unstake immediately after staking it
    the user will pay a fee of 30000 lunc to unstake now, regardless of the days of his stake.

People who stake because they believe in the project don’t mind the unstake time. therefore you have to go out to meet the others and offer them a valid alternative, also because if it’s impossible you get nothing and it’s better to stay still.

Just charge 10% of total staked to unstake if instaking instantly.

Could you please make a projection on how the percentage you proposed encourages other users to make staking and HYPOTHETICALLY take advantage of the penalty to unstake immediately? we’re trying to incentive people to stake their lunc who want to be able to unstake sooner and you’re proposing to deliberately rob them of 10% of the purse… result? they probably won’t stake, question yourself would you use this option? and don’t answer me, there’s always the 21-day option, because then it’s better to leave things like this, rather than adding an option that doesn’t incentivize anyone.

500k USD :sweat_smile:

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Will vote NO to this proposal.
In general, I like the idea. However, the instant option has serious consequences for voting. Which are unacceptable. This could seriously hurt the blockchain. And safety comes first. The solution to this problem could be the acquisition of rights over time, e.g. 14 days from the last delegation, then the instant option is unlocked

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A reason would be nice. Others are explaining why. You might help us better understand.

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No with a veto

if you think about it, the outcome of the proposal has “marginal” consequences. if the redline proposal were to materialize, the possibility of instant unstake would change little. So don’t worry too much. the reason why he responds like this is simple : he is not able to formulate a critical thought and just says what he intuitively thinks. or, perhaps , even worse, enjoys answering in a futile way.

Ohhh gotcha :slight_smile: thank you didn’t quite follow as most people talk in LUNC.

Thought it was a small amount lol

Great idea. You can stake several billions while voting on some controversial proposal, and then immediately unstake after it passes and enjoy shorting or exit liquidity. Thank you Vegas for the opportunity to milk memcoiners.


I experienced a security breach where my account was hacked. Fortunately, the 21-day waiting period provided me with ample time to research and learn how to recover my coins. Without this waiting period, my LUNC coins would have been stolen. Therefore, I strongly oppose this proposal and would prefer to endure the 21-day waiting period.

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To many options and no specifics as to where the funds will go, be specific.

Just take the 21 day period and change it to 7 days. No fees.

The 0.5% burn tax is in so dont tax and fee everyone to death, this is getting silly with the fees and taxes.

If you do have a fee it must be low and you must be specific about where the money will go, you gave several options, no good people cant vote on that. Best place for any money raised would be for USTC repeg asset pool or funding for repeg (be very specific) and what it will be used for. enough burn projects exist.

Mark M

Looking to build 10 forex dapps on the blockchain

I suspect you meant to say “of the undelegated amount”, not “of the stake” :slight_smile:
Instant: 50% of the undelegated amount
7 Days: 20% of the undelegated amount
14 Days: 10% of the undelegated amount
21 Days (Standard): 0% of the undelegated amount

Ideally, extend the Ante Handler tax-burn module to apply the percentage logic mentioned above while using the already defined split ratio.
Currently: 80/20 = Burn/Community Pool
Soon: 80/20 = Burn/Distribution Module [10 of which to CP, 10 of which to Validators/Delegators]

These crazy rates of 10%-50% of the unstake amount is basically a feature none will use except in the most extreme situations. Is that really something we should be concerned about right now? A feature that is not used by anyone under normal circumstances?

In any case, as it stands right now (i.e., with the current small staking %), I propose to not make the unstake period smaller than the voting period to avoid attacks. If you vote on something, you have to stay staked till the voting is over (and potentially suffer the consequences).


That is the purpose of those % rates; to disincentivize people from undelegating while giving the option, at a cost, to those with the willing risk/reward profile.

never underestimate emotionality of man

I have already answered, but i want to underline few points:

1- unstake now is not convenient for us
2 - penalty is too low

As for the burn tax, I think we should do very little moves when we change the parameters of our chain. For this reason , as a first step, I’ll stay far from a 0 days - unstake now option. I also think that we should use the 7 and 14 days unstake as an oppurtunity for us to take a fee and burn + fill the community pool.

To sum up, this can better for the chain:

7 DAYS > 2% fee, that means 2% of staked coins are not returned

14 DAYS > 1% fee, that means 1% of staked coins are not returned

21 DAYS > Normal unstake, no penalty