Public Relations

I am fully aware of the magnitude of the crisis we are dealing with and what should be team´s main focus. I also know that PR is important if our goal is saving Luna and UST.

With that in mind the team needs to answer Binance CEO CZ last Tweet, this can not be ignored as the reach of a declaration like this one is huge and a good opportunity to show that Luna is alive and the team is focused.

Same thing about Do Know silence, how come big crypto Youtube influencers like Crypto Banter with a great number of daily views says that he spoke with Do Know today and still no word for Terra community or public declaration about the current situation and team efforts?

Public relations can not be forgotten in a serious moment like this one, should be one of the main pillars to build trust back.


Seriously, it doesn’t take long for people to grab their pitchforks, especially as they come to grips with the situation. With the complete void of communication, most will assume the worst.

Honestly, this is the largest display of amateur hour I have ever seen by any leadership. It is no wonder UST - LUNA collapsed. No one has a fucking clue.


This is how things are handling. Utter and complete silence.

“Its just good business.”

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