Pulsar: Live feed of data for everything terra


While getting data from the blockchain is relatively easy with the existing tools, getting notifications about changes in the data is a completely different problem.

The goal of Pulsar is to make it trivial too. In fact, so trivial that just from the developer tool it becomes everyone’s tool.

Project details

Pulsar will continuously query blockchain data, and allow anyone to subscribe to changes for the data that is relevant to them. That will be done in the form of webhooks - where the user will get an unique URL that will get data in real time based on their configuration.

Additional abstractions will be created to allow subscribing to more complex data or context aware data, like subscribing to be notified of new all time highs on various parameters or sum of the parameters, e.g. subscribe to new ATH of Anchor total AUM.

Pulsar has 2 target user bases: Developers and Everyone else

Developers will be able to create new subscriptions completely programmatically, using a REST API.
These subscriptions can be used in many different ways. Some examples:

  • User interface like https://apeboard.finance/ can now show current data for any given address. Using Pulsar an application like this could very easily also start sending push notifications when certain data changes.
  • Besides wallet specific things, a lot of other push notifications can re-engage users, like the obvious new ATH of prices and rapid change of the price, or less obvious like milestones of total Luna burned, AUM and TVL changes across different protocols.
  • Application business logic can be hooked up to certain events. We have a lot of applications being built on top Anchor and/or Mirror. And we have new products that will be released soon. For these applications tracking certain properties of the respective protocols can be crucial to whatever they are building.

Everyone else
Pulsar is not just a developer tool. The goal is to be used by absolutely anyone in the community. Pulsar can achieve this by providing UI to create subscription, and then integrating with things like Zapier and IFTTT.
These platforms allow users to connect different integrations without code. Some examples:

  • Are you validator owner? Automatically tweet whenever a new proposal is made to engage your community on the proposal, and automatically tweet your voting decision.
  • Are you an obsessive boyfriend? Automatically write into a google doc and send a SMS to your phone number whenever your girlfriend sends money to another wallet.
  • Are you risking your life savings with a borrow position that is way too high? Make that smart lightbulb glow red and start blinking whenever your LTV reaches 45%.

The point is, once you get a live feed of useful data, absolutely anyone can integrate it with absolutely anything.


Release the core platform where people can subscribe to events and be notified in 2-3 months.

After that, the goal is to interact with the community and other projects building on Terra. Basically asking “What do you want to do, and what is missing?”. Hopefully allowing community members to create whatever cool tools they think of, and to speed up other development teams by doing this part for them.

As terra is constantly evolving and a lot of new projects are launching, I think the best approach is asking what the community wants instead of trying to put it in some prepared roadmap that will go out of date.


100k UST

This is intended to cover full time development and infrastructure for at least 1 year. No new tokens, and the service would be free. So this funding is the only source of income for awhile.


I am one person, relatively new to Terra but you likely noticed me if you go to Anchor telegram group. I am a software developer, working in the industry for almost half a decade now. Certified Azure Solutions Architect.
Unfortunately I could not make a demo as I work 60hour weeks now, can’t imagine starting a side project with any meaningful energy left.

If you like the project idea but my ability to deliver or the amount of money is questioned, let’s talk.