Question and concern about the fork

I’m really not on any of the sides right now, I held a good amount prior to depeg but also tried to DCA on $30 then $0.0005 and so on. It could be beneficial for me any of them, if ever, because right now now I’m pessimist about it all.

  • For the fork, the proposal says that luna holders pre-depeg will have their tokens locked for one year, getting small drops over 4 years, is that it?
  • Being that, what happens to those that had their lunas on cex? Will the tokens also be kept locked? Is it possible to have CEX allowing them to be traded?

I honestly think this period is too damn long. A lot of things will happen in 4 years, and a lot of opportunities will be missed “Ah, but if you believe in the project, you’ll wait the 4 years”. Well, I don’t think any of the old holders as me are here for charity, everyone here invested to take some profits, and missed opportunities over 4 years could be a lot more than what we could possible take back from the fork.
I’m fine taking some time to try to get something back from what I invested, but in 4 years is A LOT in crypto. At the same time, those that bought now will have 10% of their token ready to speculate while we wait and watch!

I understand the need to lock the tokens to avoid dump, but seeing other cryptos such as BTC-BHC, ETH-ETC, and others that had hard forks with a new chain, they didn’t lock the new tokens and the impact wasn’t too much.
If you want to protect the new network, you can place the vesting with a smaller timeline!

I do not have any problem with holding.

But I want a fair Distributions!
Distributions should be according to the current supply someone bought at.
People who bought during attack getting the worst deal.

We should get 35% or maybe get back according to the circulations


Please use one of the existing threads about burning.