Question on P2E landscape on Terra Ecosystem

Hi all.

I have a question regarding to P2E development on Terra.
As we know, P2E is an interesting sector and it has a big potential to bring new users to the ecosystem.
Currently, most of the P2E games are having 2 types of token, governance and in-game token (for example, in Axie there are $AXS and $SLP).

What is a beneficial point for a new P2E game build on Terra, and how could they utilized $UST?

Since Terra’s vision is building a better currency, it is quite different compared to other chain, i.e Avalanche (currently more P2E games are coming to Avalanche).

If they want to utilize $UST as in-game token, means that there is no need for their own in-game token (in some cases, this in-game token’s price is volatile and it attracts attention from players).

Thank you.