Re-activate stacking after fork on Luna Classic

We’re proposing to re-activate stacking on Luna Classic after the fork screenshot on may 27th so a decentralized community who wishes to stay on Luna classic can take part on governance as it should be in a decentralized project.
Since LFG ,Do Kwon and Co will focus on the new Luna we want to focus on Luna Classic with people who wishes to participate on that project hence we also would like to get the possibility to vote for our own validators/deligators and take part on Luna Classic governance


We’ll get that burn going one way or another!


Congratulations, clear and concise.
Come on Earth community, the real decentralization will be here… :earth_americas:


How will Luna classic be used after the fork? Will it be on the market after the fork?

thank u for all your work guys

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@alagiz any reason why this proposal have not been whitelisted ?

You guys censoring legit proposals in the name of preventing spam ?