“Read-only mode”

Hi guys, i have this message on Terra Station:
“Wallet is connected as read-only mode”

How to solve it please? Can’t find any info online about that.

Visual Proof (screenshots, videos, text)

You have to install the Terra Station application and connect from there, not directly on the website.

Thx for your response, i tried that too on my phone. Not able to connect my wallet, it’s asking me to create a new one.

You should click on “Import Wallet” or “Recover Wallet” on the Android/iOS application.


Hey, Thanks in advance to the kind experts here… I did get an airdrop to my Kucoin wallet where my old LUNA (LUNC) was located, no worries there. But when I lookup my same Kucoin wallet address on Terra Finder it says I have 136k+ LUNA in Vesting that will begin being released on 11/24 after the cliff. (Cant upload images here otherwise id add screenshots.) Also, when I lookup this wallet on Terra Station it shows the same exact amounts, though I’m not able to withdraw any rewards because I’m in Read Only mode. For clarity, I never had a Terra Wallet setup. I left my LUNA in my Kucoin wallet as I thought this was safest not to move it. Is it possible to use my Kucoin wallet address to access the delegation rewards I’m seeing in Terra Station (but can’t access)?

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you don’t have the keys to this wallet, it’s kucoin’s wallet - kucoin uses one big wallet for all customers and distinguishes customers by memo.
hence they got airdrop for all of their users.
it will be up to them to distribute it to their users including you (and to decide what they want to do with the staking rewards).

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That explains it perfectly. Sorry for the newb question. Thanks, alagiz, for the reply!


Entonces si Kucoin no liberan a sus usuarios que pasa?
Veo en mi billetera que todos los días ellos hacen retiros de mi cuenta… Ayer tenía 1.800 lunas y hoy tengo 90 mil…
En adquisición dice que tengo 136 k. Y el staking esta activo generando ingresos .

Da entender que solo la empresa kucoin se está beneficiando atravez de sus usuarios día a día.

i don’t know what you mean by “your account”, if you mean kucoin deposit address - it is not your account, it is a deposit address for lots of kucoin’s customers.

your personal balance you can see in your wallet on their website and they shouldn’t be moving your personal funds.

you are entitled to a portion of the vested luna they have, it is up to them how they decide to distribute it to you and when.

in fact, everything is totally up to them, nobody has control over them.

Claro a lo que me refiero es por ej las recompensas de staking no puedo retirar ya que me dice solo en modo lectura pero ahora entiendo cual es la razón hasta pensé que era un error de mi ordenador o móvil. Gracias por la información fue de mucha ayuda

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Otra cosa en BINANCE también sucede lo mismo? Me da el mensaje de billetera solo en modo lectura

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Si yo tengo el mismo error en Binance, hable con el soporte y me dijeron que esa wallet de depositos es individual para cada usuario por lo que el saldo de la wallet pertenece solo a la persona que se hacen los depositos

A mí me aparece en modo lectura 6 las ganancias por staking no puedo reclamar. Será que las ganancias por staking liberen en la misma fecha de lo que se delego automáticamente?

Hi, i have the same problem in coinex exchange,and terra finder show me the adress has 1500 luna but i canot access to it and it is in in read only mode , is this my adress ? or it is coinex exchange adress?thank you.