Recent dev wallet activity

What is the meaning of dev wallet activity in poocoin? PooCoin BSC Charts

Some say it is for burning, but I am not sure. Can anyone explain this?

That is the dev wallet of the wormhole. Luna being burned on the main chain implies Luna being transferred out to other chains.

The truth of the silence of the team…

They are waiting for more speculators to buy luna so they can steal their money and somehow reward themselves with it , it is obviously what’s going on Luna volume is not from retail traders it is from the team trying to prey on speculators to raise funds and screw the people buying it now

Yeah true the wormhole is being used for transfer between chains.

But Looking on Poocoin:

You can see the supply is decreasing and being sent to a burn address.

But circ supply does not decrease

Or for speculation)
Two days ago, OKX had a price one and a half - two times higher than on other exchanges, but it was impossible to enter coins there.
Yesterday and today the same story at the Gate.
someone with access just cuts hundreds of millions.

So, the burning process has started? What do you think