Reconstructing #TERRA

So after recent tweet from LFG : [Tweets with replies by LFG | Luna Foundation Guard
and binance CEO CZ :large_orange_diamond: Binance (@cz_binance) / Twitter I have and proposal. Some ppl may found it radical but in current situation maybe such proposals are needed.

  1. Turn out Do Kwon and Terra_money from entire project and network. Reason : bad decision making , code un testing lead to exploits, involved in past week events.
  2. Remove LFG as FUND stability governeur. Reason Bad colaterising and risky approach of past events.
  3. Surrender the project to its investors.
  4. Creating Consular Board with Members of that community (election system NOT based on their % but earned respect among other community members) with 4years mandate.
  5. Creating of back testing teams (both technical and financial)
  6. Media team within Advertising Sphere.
  7. analyst teams (logical ,technical and financial).
    8 Creating #TerraOverwatch team.

9.Creating tweeter hashtag #FromAshesWeWillRise and spread around the world
for all #cryptoworld to note that we will have proud and will not begging for mercy, and we will fight to survive.

  1. Proceed legal Judicial actions against all involved within past events. Those who rob us , he will compensate us . But we need to rise again.