Recovery plan: Tax burn and Universal Basic Income


  1. Value Added Tax: Put 2.5% vat on all transfer from one wallet to another and all buy sell and burn those token.
  2. Wealth Tax: Put 2.5% wealth tax for every wallet on monthly basis.
    – Taxable wealth=(total token at the end of the month - total token at the beginning of the month)
  3. Universal Basic Income: Add KYC option on terra station and airdrop those tax funds equally to everyone at the beginning of the month.
    Vat will burn token to reduce the excess supply and add value to the existing token. Wealth tax will distribute all the token fairly and those people who brought a huge amount of token at a very cheap price will have less and less token every month or they will sell their token to make quick profit and pay the tax,which will be burned and price will keep growing and they will be rewarded fairly,not hugely.
    Now comes the most interesting part,Universal Basic Income programm. Luna is still a well recognised and reputed(will keep gaining reputation) project in crypto. When it will launch UBI programme it will surely see a massive adoption in existing cryptosphere and new people will join crypto,specifically luna to enjoy the benefit of UBI. The more people join luna the more we are close to the moon.
    I have given and rough idea about how it will work. Here is many experts,who can make this idea present thousands time better than me. Please,consider this idea with necessary changes.