Redenomination plan

Respect Luna Community holder here is my plan with fair and just plan
Redenomination plan is the only way that will solve this problem
Snapshot when supply was 6 trillion or 6.9 trillion
Then ratio it with 6900:1 so every 6900 luna get 1 luna.
Same applies rest according to who bought according to time and supply circulation.

Snapshot when depeg happen to when supply was in 10 billion and another snapshot when supply was 100 billion as 10:1 and 100:1

Their was two stop blockchain in between two blockchain who bought that time will get fair distribution accordingly because it will easily solve matter.
Old holder that still holding luna when they bought when supply was 350M will also get more luna as 7.5:1.

This will be fair and best no need to burn supply and bringing injustice to old holder.
I currently don’t support new plan because of unfair distribution and they almost stole entire BTC reserve.

More correction will be done according to community if mistake is found in this topic rest is assured

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