Release vested LUNA at a constant rate daily rather than large amounts once every several months

So in April when the 20 million vested tokens were released, this was a huge source of FUD and worry. Further, it was highly discouraging for those tracking daily supply updates, despite the fact that supply is still clearly much lower now than in months prior.

I believe this is mainly due to the psychological effect of having that large an amount released all at once. Given that this will occur again in the future, I propose the following:

Take the existing vesting schedule, but distribute the coins on a daily basis rather than once a quarter or whatever the current release schedule is

Currently, a normal day will see around 700,000 LUNA burned. If say 100,000 LUNA were to be released according to the vesting schedule on that day, then the NET luna burned would still be 600,000.

With this proposal, all the investors still vest at exactly the same rate, and it eliminates the psychological downdraft and FUD that comes with a multi million token release. Further, the daily burn will still outpace the vesting so the effect will be rendered invisible.

In life, FUD and discouragement are inevitable. Trying to avoid such things will only invite weakness and comfort in your life.

Do has committed to publish a vesting PDF detailing allocation of these different held tokens.

I think this would be the sufficient first step to take and then we can analyse where we go further from there.