Remove LUNC from Binance. Shift to Kucoin/MEXC

Right now even KuCoin made it clear that they support only on-chain tax.
The reality is that apart from CoinInn and MEXC the others are simply riding on the popularity of LUNC by saying they "support " it but make it clear it is only on-chain. Not off-chain.
Can we please wait until AFTER 21st September, after which we can pressure Binance in particular, but generally all the top 5 exchanges(apart from Coinbase) to implement the tax off-chain?
?The only proposal I would support is that should specific large exchanges support the off-chain tax, then we should find a way of preventing traders from shifting to other exchanges(very unlikely, because some will stick to the exchanges they know and in some cases, the options are limited).
Otherwise, for now, let us hype up the on chain burn and once it starts, shift our attention to Binance and the other exchanges to implement an off chain tax.

No one is supporting DK or giving Binance a pass. And my point stands:

The announcement by Binance of the burn transaction is positive and gives us visibility, allowing new investors to come in, thus speeding up our recovery.

Your other statement is also problematic:

Why would they risk themselves being accused of market manipulation? Why would they take responsibility for “saving” a specific coin? Why would they freeze the accounts of its own customers?

And your last statement:

I said that your statement was misleading because you are putting Binance as the only CEX being investigated, which is not true. Also, you pointed out a specific investigation, in which I replied:

In my opinion, Binance is supporting the Lunc community, but they are not obliged to implement the off-chain burn tax. But they could in the future.

I don’t agree with the removal of LUNC from Binance. I use Binance and they have already announced on the 8/9/22 that the 1.2% burn will take place. Not sure where get get your information from.


You don’t cut off your nose to spite your face.

We have three months left this year, we have Lunc burn happening soon so maybe it’s time to kick back and see what happens, if there’s problems along the way we can deal with them but we need some stability to encourage growth.


I think binance volume on lunc keeps in growing so please don’t make them our enemy they could change and start tax in the future so think long term not short term.we need more friends not enemies

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The fact you joined just after the collapse of LUNA / UST and your numerous posts suggests you are still bitter and vindictive about what happened.

If LUNA holders want to remove their holding from Binance that’s up to them, we are not a dictatorship. I suggest you cut your loses, learn from what happened and move on.

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Binance do not control the blockchain so you make some very poor assumptions.

All CEXs need to remain neutral.

You will always have a willing Buyer and a willing Seller who will feel unfairly restrained in their decision to buy or sell no matter what occurs.

Your bitterness shows and is not helpful to the community and is not helpful to people who also got rekt and is not helpful to yourself. I do hope you recover your losses eventually.

I have an acquaintance who suffered a $150K AUD wipe out from the crash, and he too is bitter and twisted and sickened by what unfolded. At no point is he blaming Binance.

Thankfully I wasnt invested at the time of the crash, but saw it occur and unfold over those few days. Was sickening to watch and see peoples financial positions just destroyed.

Upon seeing the LUNC community rally was simply impressive to see the energy and desire and the volumes of manhours being applied to rebuild and then decided to buy into LUNC, that is now staked.

Managed to talk him into at least buying 10M LUNC and play the waiting game and just leave it parked until the supply is dramatically reduced with the burn mechanisms in the coming 2-3 years.

CZ Video out and he mentions remaining Neutral as a CEX.
(6) This Is THE BIGGEST Opportunity In Crypto Right Now! (CZ Exclusive Interview) - YouTube

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Patience is a virtue.

When you let your assets in a CEX you are subject to their centralized decisions.
It can be beneficial to you or not, but it is important to be alert for changes.

I personally see the withdraw fee of 102,000 on lunc and 480 on ustc at Binance as an overcharge and will punish smallholders and it will also avoid an outflow from Binance, which will help them to not pay the 1.2% tax do buy additional lunc and ustc for their operations.

You can compare it with others CEXs and you will find better options now at least for withdraw.

I sold my lunc and ustc on Binance, change to a better transfer fee coin like xno or ltc, send to another CEX convert it back to lunc and ustc and transferred to my personal wallets, this process costs about 8000 lunc + taxes and conversions.

For my plan it is better and secure and now on not buying there due the charge.

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The most critical
1: Contact Binance for a list of tax support.
2: Check the agree 1.2% tax button

It’s time to do what you believe in for this great community. All those who supported us will be remembered
First, we need to work with Binance. We need a list of all the friends who support and accept the transaction tax button.
To protect the interests of our supporters. I propose: subsequent LUNC development: NFT project, and some blockchain airdrop project tokens. We can airdrop them to our supporters. Play to our strengths and protect the interests of those who support us. We have to get everyone to stand with us.
We need to make it clear. If this critical step is not implemented. We are not looking at a prolonged decline in the LUNC. It’s a failure of the community. Description LUNC failed. And future failures for all of us.
We have to have a big vision that we’re going to surpass Ethereum and Bitcoin. To become the largest cryptocurrency community
If you have a long term vision and extreme confidence. You’ll see what we can do with our taxes.
We can use it as cash reserves of dollars, we can buy gold, we can even buy shares in things like Apple, Tesla, and be the debtors of the greatest companies in the world. All these stores of value. Are owned by all of our LUNC currency holders. Take a leap of imagination. How successful we can be! And in the future, when the community elections, administrators, financial personnel, governance personnel. We all have preferential voting rights!
Now for our future, for the success of the community. It’s time to choose. Select Agree and check the 1.2% tax button. That’s the first step. This is the most crucial step.
The pessimist will laugh at us, we need not listen to it. They destroy our community goals in order to avoid paying the 1.2 tax. It’s like giving up on their own future. Don’t be depressed, we need to understand. These people will not stay with us forever, because one day they will support our enemies for their own benefit.
And those of us are respected by everyone because we built this great community. Friends, let us create the Lunc kingdom of the crypto world.[quote=“Lunar, post:1, topic:46742, full:true”]
Remove LUNC from Binance. Shift to Kucoin/MEXC or other supportive exchanges. Obviously CZ is scared of the transparency that is needed for implementing off-chain burn. Punish him by removing LUNC from Binance for not supporting the burn initiative of the LUNC community.

Once LUNC is removed from Binance the volumes will shoot up on Kucoin/MEXC and other supportive exchanges.

Remove LUNC from Binance. Shift to Kucoin/MEXC or other supportive exchanges. Obviously CZ is scared of the transparency that is needed for implementing off-chain burn. Punish him by removing LUNC from Binance for not supporting the off chain internal burn initiative of the LUNC community.
Once LUNC is removed from Binance the volumes will shoot up on Kucoin/MEXC and other supportive exchanges.
The punishment for Binance for not supporting off chain burn will be loss of millions of dollars in trading fees every month.
We were reaching a volume of more than 3 trillion LUNC on a daily basis a few days back. With that volume and a 1.2 % total burn rate in less than 170 days we can reach a circulating supply of less than 50 billion.

Let us remove LUNC from Binance and teach a lesson to selfish and insensitive exchange owners such as CZ and show the power of the community owned projects as was done with the case of GameStop.

You want to punish CZ :rofl: If CZ reads your crap whilst dragging on a big fat billionaire cigar you can only hope he might choke laughing his guts out, punish CZ :astonished:, you want to punish CZ :roll_eyes:, your nothing but a cockroach to him, when the other person holds all the cards it’s better to brown nose to get what you want, you/we are not in a position to demand anything.

huh? then one delists and all follow… not a good idea.

All of you who are servile followers of Binance and CZ and scared of this swindler will get a tight slap across your face when Binance is closed down by the authorities and CZ is safely put away where he belongs. The two notorious operators CZ and DK can enjoy each other’s company while counting the bars! Britain has just passed a law to seize the funds of Crypto operators such Binance even if they have the smallest inkling of any scheme that has swindled investors.

It is only Do Kwon and his team who could have minted trillions of LUNA in seconds and dumped it on the gullible innocent investors who never expected such a fall when the crash happened. No one else could have done it. They used several accounts on Binance for it. CZ knows which if these accounts were used for this. Being the most dishonest cr ook he is, he has never revealed it to the authorities or taken steps to freeze those accounts. We have seen genuine honest CEXs freezing suspicious accounts of such nefarious operators to deny access to such ill-gotten funds acquired by duping the unsuspecting and gullible investors.

Do Kwon and his team did it purposely on Binance because they knew they were safe only on this shamelessly devious CEX owned by their partner in this big scale preplanned swindling operation, CZ!

Binance is neither the temple of truth nor is CZ the god of honesty. Any money acquired by swindling the public is dirty money and anyone who does this or helps in cleaning up such money has to face the legal consequences sooner than later. Time to face the wrath of the financial authorities is nearing for CZ and Binance.

All of you servile supporters of this useless CEX and its shameless owner, without any compassion for those who suffered will be remorseful and ashamed of supporting these two, when it happens and god forbid hopefully your funds that are held in such an exchange at that time will remain safe!